Hybrid Roof Drain Swivel Joint

PURE! All the advantages of pipe and hose drain systems are combined in the all new PURE heavy-duty roof drain joint. 
All PURE roof drain systems are designed to ensure so-called “positive drainage” at all floating roof levels. This means that regardless of the filling level of the tank, the roof drain systems will always maintain a slope to ensure full drainage and to avoid build-up of residue in the drain system.

Key Performance Features

  • Rigid joint design to cope with high filling rates and heavy product turbulence inside the storage tank.

  • Each joint is pressure tested to cope external pressures (2.5 bar).

  • Integrated swivel rotation stop to prevent excessive loads onto the integrated hose.

  • Mounting possibility to any existing roof sump.

  • No dynamic sealing components required.

  • Exceptional chemical resistance to nearly all petrochemicals.

  • Stainless steel 316 Ti (1.4571) body for heavy corrosive environments, such as saltwater in crude oil.

  • Turnkey installation service available from our experienced and qualified field service team.

  • Short installation time.

  • Available in:

DN100 / 4"

DN150 / 6"

DN80 / 3"

DN50 / 2"

DN200 / 8"

Other sizes available upon request

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PURE Hybrid Swivel brochure

PURE Hybrid Roof Drain Swivel Joint - 20

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