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GRP Composite Full-Contact

External Floating Roof

NXT-FC-EFR is a high-tech GRP composite full-contact external floating roof. This newest generation of floating roofs represents a proven and corrosion free alternative to external steel floating roofs. The installation is executed inside the storage tank by utilizing a modern structural construction technology.

Key Performance Features

Technical Aspects

  • GRP composite full-contact floating roof design.

  • Seamless installation process.

  • Construction material selection based on the chemical environment.

  • Exceptional chemical resistance to nearly all petrochemicals, including electrically conductive liquids such as ethanol and methanol.


Financial Aspects​

  • Exceptional ROI (Return On Investment). The floating roofs lifetime is expected to exceed the tank’s lifespan.

  • Maintenance free operation.


Regulatory Aspects

  • Construction procedure in compliance with EN13121 Parts 1-3. 

  • Unsinkable floating roof construction in compliance with EN13121 Parts 1-3.

  • NFPA11:2016, Section 5.4.2 permits rim fire protection systems for composite sandwich floating roofs. NXT-FC-EFR is constructed to comply with NFPA11:2016.

  • Anti-static floating roof design in accordance with TRBS 2153.

Project Execution Aspects

  • Installation Expertise for extreme conditions (-20°C up to 38°C outside ambient temperatures).

  • Turnkey installation service available from our experienced and qualified field service team.

  • Short installation time.

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