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The unlimited capability of an organisation, such as WLI, to implement and service its products is becoming more and more important. Professional and qualified turnkey installation and professional After-Sales-Service are of increasing importance for many customers.

The same is valid for engineering, seamless project documentation and the ability to satisfy the customer at all levels of expectations.

Scope of Services
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In July 2019 we shifted our entire engineering process for 2D planning to state-of-the-art 3D planning, using AutoDesk INVENTOR. Our customers will benefit from 3D simulations of our tailored solutions prior to implementation on-site. In additional all load cases can be simulated for each individual floating roof design.

We follow Industry Standards

All of our products and product improvements result from the field experience our team gained over years working in the petrochemical industry. In addition all of our products strictly follow all of the national and international industry standards and guidelines for storage tanks.

Below are the standards which we follow. If required our products will be upgraded to maintain compliance with the individual applicable standard.

  • DIN EN 14015 (and all referred standards)
    Specification for the design and manufacture of site built, vertical, cylindrical, flat­-bottom, above ground, welded, steel tanks for the storage of liquids at ambient temperature and above.
    (Version EN 14015:2004)

  • DIN EN 13121 Parts 1 to 3 (and all referred standards)
    GRP tanks and vessels for use above ground
    (Versions 2004 to 2014)

  • EEMUA 159
    Users’ Guide to the inspection, maintenance, Repair of vertical cylindrical steel storage tanks.
    (5th Edition, 2017)


  • API 650
    Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage
    (12th Edition 2013)

  • API 653
    Tank Inspection, Repair, Alternation and Reconstruction
    (5th Edition 2014)

Emission Calculations

Emission Calculations

Our customers benefit from detailed emissions calculation based on the following standards:

API - Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards

  • Chapter 19.1 - Evaporative Losses From Fixed-Roof Tanks, 5th Edition, June 2017


  • Chapter 19.2 - Evaporative Losses From Floating-Roof Tanks, 3rd Edition, October 2012

  • Chapter 19.4 - Evaporative Losses Reference Information and Speciation Methodology; 4th Edition, October 2012

  • Chapter 19.6.1 - Evaporative Loss from Storage Tank Floating-Roof Landings; 1st Edition, June 2017

The emission calculation documentation tailored for our customers help to satisfy the requirement to prove calculated emissions compliance with the relevant regulations. If required the calculations are backed with comparison IFR camera recordings to document the variance of visible emissions in "before" and "after" status.

Inspection & Maintenance

Inspection & Maintenance

WLI provides qualified turnkey installation for all offered products and solutions. We are committed to follow our own stringent management systems certified in compliance with SCC-P 2015 (petrochemical industry) and provide full compliance to any special work safety requirements from customers. 

Feel free to contact us regarding details about work safety and quality management systems.



Outsourcing has become a tendency with many of the petrochemical companies. In all aspects of providing technical consultancy for above ground storage tanks and floating roofs in particular our team of experts can provide professional assessment and status reports with details recommendations on how to improve the overall tank and floating roof operation.

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