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ONE Rain Guard

Spring-Loaded, Full-Contact Water Guard

The introduction of bio-fuels has resulted in the demand for water-free storage at floating roof tanks.
In the past this task could be accomplished by installation of geodesic dome roofs on top of the EFR tank.


The ONE Rain Guard is an economical alternative to avoid ingress of rainwater into the stored product.

Key Performance Features

  • Can be installed on top of any existing ONE Secondary Rim Seal.

  • Easy and fast replacement of the water absorbers. Frequency of replacements varies with tank shell condition and floating roof travel frequency.

  • The water absorber is permanently spring loaded for circumferential full-contact to the tank shell.

  • Full efficiency during both, floating roof upward and downward movement.

  • Highly flexible water absorbers to compensate for tank shell irregularities.

  • Installation and maintenance is possible during tank operation. No “hot-work” required..

  • Turnkey installation service available from our experienced and qualified field service team.

  • Short installation time.

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