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ONE Wax-Scraper

Spring-Loaded, Rim-Mounted,

Bi-Directional Wax-Scraper

The ONE Wax Scraper is a advanced solution to effectively prevent waxy remains at the tank shell from flowing onto the floating roof top side. By continuous scraping at tank shell with floating roof movement, the wax scraper prevent build-up of solid particles of the crude oil.


The ONE wax scraper work in a bi-directional pattern, providing an optimized scraper angle during both, up and down travel of the floating roof.

Key Performance Features

  • Maintenance free wax scraper operation.

  • Working range of R(-X/+3X) per EEMUA Publication 159.

  • Scraper blade radius customized for the actual tank diameter.

  • 100% effectiveness during both, roof up AND down travel.

  • Stainless steel scraper blades and scraper skids.

  • All selected materials are conductive (TRBS 2153).

  • Excellent ROI (Return On Investment) due to the lifetime of 20 years and more.

  • Turnkey installation service available from our experienced and qualified field service team.

  • Short installation time.

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